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About AciFx

 ASHCROFT CAPITAL INVESTMENTSfx is a Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex, FX) Money Manager. U.S. Series 3 & 34 Licensed. Registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

 ASHCROFT CAPITAL INVESTMENTSfx has over 20 years of trading experience on the Foreign Currency Exchange and U.S Commodity Futures market.

We have 14 years experience specializing in transacting on
the Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex, FX),
with the ability to serve clients in over 150 countries worldwide. We're here to help you understand and enhance your wealth in the International Foreign Currency Exchange Market.

Our mission is to enhance our client's financial well-being while minimizing risk. We provide our clients with the finest personalized service. Our high quality service combined with the ability and integrity along with our experienced investor relations specialists and Foreign Currency analysts make us the intelligent choice for astute investors.

 We're certain our site will enable you to understand this financial opportunity. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our relations specialists. Your consultant will be happy to answer your questions and customize a currency portfolio to meet your personal needs.

Although governmental regulations prohibit us from stating ‘guaranteed profits', our transacting expertise is based on proprietary ratios of fundamental and technical analysis which include a five conditions time tested winning trading methodology combined with strong conservative risk money management techniques that has the potential to produce high probability winning transactions.

 ASHCROFT CAPITAL INVESTMENTSfx trades their own corporate account, making us extra conservative and cautious, as we have a vested interest to continually generate progressive profits.

When we place you in a trade we are also in the same trade standing right next to you.


FX Marketing Firms
ACIfx also trades for and partners with FX marketing firms through out the world.
Contact us for information about our FX money management trading partnership program.

 ASHCROFT CAPITAL INVESTMENTSfx can serve clients in over 150 countries. Our promise, mission and goal is to give unparalleled service exceeding far beyond our clients expectations. 

 Allow us to leave you with this, after reviewing our site and you decide this investment is not for you or you wish to join another firm, we at ASHCROFT CAPITAL INVESTMENTSfx

                                    Wish You a Happy and Prosperous Future

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